What do mobile physicians do?

Mobile physicians provide home based health care, also known as “house calls.”

What can I expect from a home care doctor?

Home care doctors perform the same services that house call doctors did years ago. They can diagnose and treat illnesses, write prescriptions and make referrals. The average patient is typically seen once per month, and may vary based on their health and other factors. MPG can help you with ordering:
· mobile labs to come to your home
· mobile xrays and ultrasounds
· home based physical therapy, occupational therapy
· mobile nursing services
· home health aids
· portable oxygen
· medical supplies
· referrals for other specialists

How can I qualify for home care?

In order to qualify for our services, you must be considered home-bound based on the Medicare guidelines for home-bound status.

Will you be my primary care physician?

While we are family practitioners, in most cases, we can be your primary care physician that is up to you to decide. Please check with us if you are unsure of your situation.

Will I need a referral?

It depends on your insurance. Please check with the office by calling: (435) 862-6143

What areas do you see patients?

All of Washington County State of Utah.
Soon all of Utah

Will you need records from my primary care doctor?

It will be helpful to have copies of your previous medical history. You may order copies yourself, or sign a medical records release form and we will request them from your doctor.

Do you see patients at residential facilities?

Yes, we do!
We visit many assisted living facilities throughout Southern Utah.
Soon all of Utah
Parts of Colorado

Can you do Referrals?

Yes, we can write referrals for specialists, some of whom also make house calls. Please ask your doctor when they see you for a referral, or call the office at: (435) 862-6143

What if I need the Doctor after hours?

If it is a real medical emergency, you need to dial 911.
After hours, you may leave a message at the office or for the on-call provider.

I have paperwork for the Doctor to fill out. What should I do?

We can take of filling out paperwork for you. Please call the office with any questions: (435) 862-6143

Does Medicare pay for this service?

Yes, Medicare typically covers 80% of the cost of our services once you meet their annual deductible. If you have questions about your benefits, you may call: 1 (800) MEDICARE

Do you accept secondary insurances?

Yes, we accept both primary and secondary insurances.

How much will I have to pay?

It depends on your insurance. Medicare will cover 80%. It is best to check with your insurance carrier with questions about your coverage. With some insurance, there may be a copay for seeing a specialist.