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A medical device is a product which is used for medical purposes in patients, in diagnosis, therapy or surgery.
Which of the following is considered a medical device, select all that apply:
Class I devices are subject to the most regulatory control and are used in supporting or sustaining life.
Wheelchairs, Infusion pumps, and surgical drapes fall into which class?
A Scientific Review to ensure that safety and effectiveness of a medical device is called a %BLANK%
An example of a Class III medical device that requires a premarket approval is:
What are the three things the SurgiChip tag is intended to minimize the likelihood of when the patient is undergoing surgery.
A type of medical device that can be used to access patient identification and health information is:
Devices including many diagnostic instruments whose misuse, failure or absence with no replacement available would have a significant impact on patient care, but would not be likely to cause direct serious injury are classified as ______________-__________
Package testing needs to be conducted and documented to ensure packages meet regulations and all end-use requirements.

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