Welcome to your OSHA Safety Training In-Service

In 2005, how did nursing rank among occupations reporting work-related musculoskeletal disorders involving days away from work?
In 2005, how did nursing rank among occupations reporting work-related musculoskeletal disorders involving days away from work?
Which statement regarding nursing and body mechanics training is the most accurate?
Ergonomics means:
A staff nurse asks you to help her perform a lift you feel is unsafe. What would be your best response?
Why are mechanical aides needed for patient handling?
Use of a gait belt reduces what risk factor from moving patients that isn't present when moving boxes?
The lifetime prevalence of back pain among nurses is:
Back pain is the leading cause of disability in those under the age of:
In evaluating lifting devices, remember that:
No-lift policies have failed in U.S. hospitals because:

Bag Technique In-Service

Welcome to your Bag Technique In-Service

Which of the following items can NOT be in your bag?
When should you clean your bag?
What is approved to clean your bag with?
Where is it appropriate to place your bag in the home?
What is the first thing you should do before reaching into your bag?
Hand washing supplies can be kept with all other supplies in you bag.
You just washed your hands and got all of your supplies you need for your visit. After you have closed the bag and begun your work, you realized you forgot something in the bag that you needed to get out. What should you do?
At the end of the visit, all reusable equipment should be:
What should you do before returning cleaned used equipment to the bag?
Where should you leave your barrier?

Fire, Falls and Other Hazards

Welcome to your Fire, Falls and Other Hazards In-Service

The safest place to work is in healthcare.
Each year, about 8500 Americans above the age of 65 die of:
If you are helping a patient and he/she begins to fall, you should:
If a patient falls, you should get him/her up and to a more comfortable spot.
Since many patients have foot problems, loose slip-on shoes are best.
Which of the following changes can be made to the home environment to prevent falls?
The most common source of electrical shock is worn frayed electrical cords.
Patients on oxygen should be allowed to listen to music on a small electrical radio.
Mixing bleach and ammonia together makes a very good household cleaner.
The R in the word RACE stands for:

Sexual Harassment In-Service

Welcome to your Sexual Harassment In-Service

Sexual Harassment can occur between:
People who are victims of sexual harassment may not complain or report the abuse because:
Two types of sexual harassment are:
Quid Pro Quo is Latin and means:
In order for harassment to occur, it must be:
Four common forms of harassment include:
Which of the following constitutes a Hostile Work Environment?
In a healthcare setting, sexual harassment offenders can be:
The display of sexually offensive material, such as cartoons, drawings, and suggestive pictures are examples of what form of harassment.
If you are the object of sexual harassment in the workplace, what should you do?

Blood Airborne Precautions In-Service

Welcome to your Blood Airborne Precautions In-Service

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the only infectious disease carried by the blood that you should be concerned with.
Sexual contact and sharing of hypodermic needles are the only ways Hepatitis B and HIV and be transmitted.
TB disease if not diagnosed and treated properly can be fatal.
If you have an exposure to a blood borne pathogen while at work, you need to contact your supervisor immediately.
Engineering Controls are mechanical systems that are in place to minimize hazards at the source.
Universal Precautions are to be used only when there is a chance of contacting the blood of a human at high risk for a blood borne disease.
Good hand washing is the number one defense against transmission of diseases.
You should always apply gloves prior to administering first aid where there is blood and prior to touching body fluids (urine, stool, saliva, etc).
Hepatitis B Vaccine will protect you from all types of viral hepatitis.
There is no need to wash your hands after removing your disposable gloves.

Hand Washing In-Service

Welcome to your Hand Washing In-Service

As a healthcare worker, your hands are exposed to bacteria through:
Healthcare workers do not comply with proper hand washing practices because of:
The average time it takes to wash your hands using soap and water is:
Healthcare workers are exposed to bacteria and germs on a daily basis. One of the resistant germs we are exposed to is:
The 2002 CDC hand washing guideline recommends healthcare workers to:
The CDC hand washing guideline was meant to:
The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water:
To effectively wash your hands with soap and water, you should perform all the following, EXCEPT:
The CDC recommends washing your hands with an alcohol-base hand cleaner:
To effectively wash your hands with an alcohol-base hand cleaner, the following should be followed:

Infection Control Basics In-Service

Welcome to your Infection Control Basics In-Service

Hand washing is necessary before and after touching body fluids, even if you wore gloves during the contact.
Droplets from an infected person can travel up to __________ feet.
Chicken pox an TB are two examples of diseases that spread through the air.
If a patient is struggling to breath, you should perform mouth to mouth.
A patient with a disease that can spread to others should NOT be kept in a private room.
Dishes, glasses, cups, and silverware should be washed in a special disinfectant.
Disposable needles can be put into the trashcan.
Infected blood can cause the following:
Always ask your supervisor if you are unsure about how to handle dangerous waste.
The goal of infection control is to stop infections.

Back Safety In-Service

Welcome to your Back Safety In-Service

More than _________ workers suffer from back injuries every year.
Back injuries lead to which of the following?
Which of the following puts you at risk for back pain?
Sleeping can lead to back pain if:
To avoid back pain when driving, you should:
Before lifting a heavy object, you should:
If an object is over your head:
See a doctor that treats back pain if you have:
Acupuncture is a procedure that:
Back safety belts:

Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly In-Service

Welcome to your Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly In-Service

Which of the following statements about elderly abuse is true?
Abuse of an older person by someone who has a special relationship with him or her is known as:
Caregiver burnout can result in which of the following?
Experts agree that the best way to prevent domestic abuse of the elderly is through:
In an institutional setting, which form of elder abuse is most often reported?
Overmedicating an elderly person is which of the following?
Financial abuse can include which of the following?
Yelling at and scolding an elder is:
There is nothing wrong with forcing a patient to wear clothes that you pick out for him/her.
Which of the following can be a warning sign of abuse.

Medical Device In-Service

Welcome to your Medical Device In-Service

A medical device is a product which is used for medical purposes in patients, in diagnosis, therapy or surgery.
Which of the following is considered a medical device, select all that apply:
Class I devices are subject to the most regulatory control and are used in supporting or sustaining life.
Wheelchairs, Infusion pumps, and surgical drapes fall into which class?
A Scientific Review to ensure that safety and effectiveness of a medical device is called a %BLANK%
An example of a Class III medical device that requires a premarket approval is:
What are the three things the SurgiChip tag is intended to minimize the likelihood of when the patient is undergoing surgery.
A type of medical device that can be used to access patient identification and health information is:
Devices including many diagnostic instruments whose misuse, failure or absence with no replacement available would have a significant impact on patient care, but would not be likely to cause direct serious injury are classified as ______________-__________
Package testing needs to be conducted and documented to ensure packages meet regulations and all end-use requirements.