Patients' Rights In-Service

Welcome to your Patient Rights In-Service

Patients' rights include the right to make choices.
The following are some patients' rights:
If a patient ask you to do something that is not part of your job description, you should:
If a patient's door is open and she is asleep, it is ok to just go in without knocking.
A patient has asked you to call him by his nickname. Before you do so, what should you do?
If a patient leaves personal mail opened on a bedside table, it is ok to read it without asking for permission first.
Patients have a right to have their own spending money.
A patient cannot refuse to have certain treatments or refuse to take his/her medicine.
When you are giving personal care to patients, which of the following thing are what you must do, by law, because they are patients' rights:
The patients' rights that were discussed in this course are actually laws.

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